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Mazatlan Marine Center: Things to bring on a boat trip

Here at Mazatlan Marine Center, we love boat trips as much as the next person but we can’t help but worry for our readers whenever they plan one soon. One of the main reasons for this is that we want you to know that things can easily go wrong while you’re in the middle of the open waters. 

Being away from civilisation means that you need to be equipped with all the essentials. That’s why in this blog, we’re going to list them all to help prepare you for your trip! Curious to learn more? Keep on reading!


There’s no excuse why you shouldn’t bring a bottle of sunscreen on your boat trip. Firstly, it only takes up a small space inside your luggage and secondly, it can save your skin from getting sunburnt.

Trust us, you wouldn’t want to end up having red and blistering skin after your memorable boat trip, especially with the scorching heat here in Mexico.

Bottle of water

Going on boat trips can be more exhausting than you think, even if you’re just enjoying the cruise itself. As much as possible, you wouldn’t want to feel dehydrated during the trip so make sure to bring ample amounts of drinkable water!

Dehydration can cause lots of problems during your trips such as headaches and mood swings so make sure to avoid experiencing it at all costs.

Personal medication

When going out on boat trips, you have to remember that you’ll be far from the nearest drug stores and hospitals so if you’re under any kind of personal medication, make sure to pack them in your bags first.

Whether it be for your allergies or any kind of condition, these medications are vital. By bringing them, you can come prepared if ever you experience any complications during the trip.

First-aid kit

Along with your medication should be a first-aid kit. You can never predict what would happen during your trip so it’s best to prepare for the worst. By having a complete first-aid kit, you can temporarily remedy any kind of injury that anyone may encounter before you can head to the nearest clinic or hospital.

Life jackets

Whenever you’re going out on your yacht, make sure to bring extra life jackets to ensure your safety in case something bad happens during your trip. Aside from that, this can also help you swim if you’re inexperienced in one of the deep seas here in Mexico.

Source of entertainment

Lastly, you should also bring something that can become your source of entertainment during the boat trip. Being out in the sea can sometimes be too stagnant so to keep you busy, we recommend bringing something that can bring you joy apart from the beautiful views in the open waters.

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