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Mazatlan Marine Center: Top 5 water sailing races worldwide 

Racing is one of the hobbies that can give a thrilling experience even if you are just watching. With racing, people usually think of cars or motorbikes, but there are also water or sailing races. You can have the same enjoyment but on a different level. 

The yachting industry is full of racing contests with experts and amateurs competing on the line. Here at Mazatlan Marine Center, we will give you the top 5 water races you can watch from Mexico to other parts of the world.

  1. Vendee Globe

The Vendée Globe is named after the French département of Vendée, where the race begins and ends. It is regarded as one of the hardest and most challenging extreme sailing events. The Vendée Globe is a nonstop, around-the-world solo yacht race that began in 1989. 

The Vendee certainly puts the sailor’s ability to deal with all technical elements under extreme pressure to the test. It’s a balancing act between speed, mental fortitude and safety at sea. It lasts more than three months and happens every four years.

  1. Cowes Week

Cowes Week, one of the world’s oldest and largest annual sailing regattas, is a legendary feature of the British sporting calendar. Since George IV approved the presentation of the King’s Cup in 1826, it has become one of the UK’s oldest and most social summer highlights. Additionally, Cowes Week has long been a draw for royalty, high society, and the famous and wealthy. It is held at Solent and attracts 8,000 contestants ranging from world-champion experts to amateurs.

  1. Barcolana Regatta

Since 1969, one of the largest and most visited world regattas has taken place in the Mediterranean in the Gulf of Trieste, Italy, in October. The race draws thousands of participants, with nearly 25,000 sailors and 250,000 viewers watching from various stands in Trieste. Sailors compete in a 15-mile four-sided fixed mark course for the Barcolana Trophy and other prizes. Kite surfers, windsurfers and sailors as young as eight years old are all welcome to compete.

  1. America’s Cup

America’s Cup dates back to 1851 and is one of the oldest international sailboat racing events. Since its first race, it has been a part of the selection series to become America’s Cup challenger. Its illustrious reputation attracts the best skilled sailors, yacht designers, and the majority of wealthy companies and sponsors from countries like Mexico. 

This match only requires two yachts to compete, one as the challenger and one as the defender, representing the club that currently holds the cup. The competition focuses not only on sailing abilities but also on sail design.

  1. Sydney Hobart

Since 1945, the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race has drawn sailors from all over the world to compete in one of the world’s most famous and oldest yacht races. Sailors begin in Sydney and must navigate the treacherous waters of the Tasman Sea and the Bass Strait, pass through Stormy Bay, ascend the Derwent River, and finish in Hobart, Tasmania. As the large fleet of racing yachts departs Sydney Harbour on Boxing Day, the 628-mile crossing from Sydney to Hobart attracts enormous global attention.

Enjoy the thrill of sea-racing with Mazatlan Marine Center

These top water racing events will definitely make you fall in love with racing. If these racing events made you think of participating in one, check out Mazatlan Marine Center’s helpful tips for first time sailors.

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